Logo for Ooblets. A cute indie game about farming, town life, and creature collection.
Manage your farm, grow and train your ooblets, explore strange lands and have dance-offs!
Logo for the indie adventure game Raw April Day, a hand-drawn Mystery Point-And-Click game where you solve enigmatic puzzles, engage in soul-searching branching dialogue with colorful characters and piece together the clues for why your husband went missing in a surreal and mystifying Victorian complex.
Logo for CafeCosmos — a fun P2E game in the Metaverse.
Craft, build and grow your own cafe from scratch and earn while doing it!
Logo Tabi Land: Kids learning games.
Tabi Land is a fun, interactive, no ad platform packed with learning games for kids aged 2–6, designed to keep them fully entertained with maximum benefit.
Logo for Moonstone Island — an open-world deckbuilder with 120+ islands to explore, spirits to tame, items to craft, and secrets to discover! 
Witches Came to Town — personal project, game concept design (available for sale).
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