The customer contacted me via email.
I was asked to design a cat mascot. I love to illustrate characters. Moreover, it's a cat!
We discussed everything in detail in Skype. Once everyone was satisfied, I received the prepayment and started to work.
💡 How much do I charge? The price depends on the complexity of the work. In order to make a suitable offer, I ask my clients to provide some information about the project. If there's no design brief, I will ask questions to clarify all the details I'm interested in.💡
Target audience: 13-35 years old
Products: Prefabricated model, collectible dolls, figurines.
Preferences: A cat character. Preferably black + the second company color that will be later used for interior design.
"We'd like to see a cat who's half cute and charming and half a ghost / a tease / cool. For example, Schrödinger's cat. Or an angel / demon"
My work samples provided by the client:
I decided to try the concept of Schrödinger's cat, as suggested by the client.
Lately, I've taken an interest in enamel pins. Now, I offer to almost all of my clients who have characters to create merchandise with their characters :) I hope our first batch will be released soon.
Before showing Schrödinger's cat to the client, I decided to make a different sketch in addition. I used the theme of mysticism and comic books.
In the end, the client decided that the concept of Schrödinger's cat wasn't the best idea and asked me to draw a two-eyed cat with an attitude.

"A black cat, being cool and naughty, with clear identification"
I show the new sketch to the customer. The client liked it but asked to add some "split fill effect" color, like the banana bird had.
The only solution I could think of was adding an outline and the color extending beyond it. It's not a critical element since it will anyways be useful for the mono version. The client pick the last version and ask me to add some sort of an accessory as a final touch.
I started trying on different elements and remembered how I once saw a funny collar with spikes. In the end, I managed to find a better solution than a bow or a hat. Also, a sparkle was added, which is a trick often used in anime and manga to picture inspiration, high spirits or winking.
The client approved this version. I made final vector and added the "split fill effect" on the collar.
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